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The Great Amazon River Cruise


The wilds of the Amazon jungle turn over flora and fauna on an unimaginable scale, while fostering the indigenous cultures of some of the most isolated people on Earth. The Amazonian terrain—comprising a staggering third of the world’s tropical rain forest, as well as a third of its animal species—can be tough to tackle via land exploration alone, making it perfectly primed for adventure-minded cruises along the Amazon River, where the heat, humidity, and discomforts of the jungle can be met with considerable comfort.

Though the massive and mighty river—the world’s largest, in fact—spans eight South American nations, most larger vessels’ itineraries are limited to segments of the 1,000-mile stretch between the Brazilian ports of Manaus and Belém (the latter is set at the river’s mouth). Expedition vessels, smaller cruise ships, and riverboats, however, can also venture hundreds of miles further upriver to Iquitos, Peru, incorporating stops (usually made with skiffs) in more undeveloped regions of the Peruvian Amazon.

Get a taste of the adventure with this 45-minute webinar focusing on WWF-supported Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. This vast protected area at the very headwaters of the mighty river is replete with wildlife – you won’t find a more pristine rainforest experience.

The beautiful La Estrella Amazonica is custom-designed for navigating the Amazon and its tributaries. Built in the classic riverboat style distinctive to this region and beautifully finished with contemporary conveniences, the ship features 15 generously sized air-conditioned cabins with private balconies from which to enjoy scenes of the passing rainforest and wildlife. The basic 9-day itinerary includes an overnight in Lima and the one week cruise. I can customize your itinerary with extensions in Peru and other destinations in South America.

There are only 3 departures in 2014 for this extraordinary adventure and each cruise is accompanied by a WWF specialist in addition to the expedition leader. Learn firsthand about exciting conservation projects WWF is sponsoring in the Amazon through informative lectures and one-on-one conversations.

Destination: Amazon headwaters in Peru

Departures: May 23, June 20, and October 31

Space is limited to 30 participants on each departure. Call today for an appointment!

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