2015 Powder Click Photo Camp in Valle Nevado, Chile

Valle Nevado

SKI Magazine & Skiing Magazine will host the 2015 Powder Click photo camp at Valle Nevado this year from August 21 – 28, offering an in-depth photography workshop for amateur photographers to hone their action, lifestyle, and outdoor photography skills while skiing the powdery slopes of the Andes. Participants will be encouraged to nurture their creative side while at the same time expanding their technical knowledge and even learning how to get their images published.

Powder Click will be led by SKI Magazine & Skiing Magazine Director of Photography Keri Bascetta and renowned lifestyle and ski photographer Nils Schlebusch. Camp participants will spend seven days learning the skills necessary for photographing on-mountain action, with daily seminars that will cover technical aspects such as photo editing and tips on how to communicate with athletes and clients. Campers will also be coached in shooting off-hill to encourage the development of well-rounded portfolios as well as receiving instruction on image processing and file management to help implement a more professional, efficient workflow. As part of the action ski course, participants will have a chance to ski alongside international pro skiers and take part in testing and photographing gear with Active Junky, a media and shopping site for outdoor enthusiasts. Active Junky will be running their annual ski and snowboard gear test and gear guide photo shoot in partnership with Valle Nevado Ski Resort and the Power Click photo camp.

At the end of the week, Valle Nevado guests will be invited to a slideshow of the participants’ best images, and a panel of judges will award the participant with the best photographs a chance to have his or her images appear in Skiing Magazine’s Photo Annual, SKI Magazine’s Spring issue, and an appearance on the magazines’ website. Active Junky will also award winners of the photography competition with ski apparel and outdoor equipment.

About the Instructors:

Keri Bascetta
Keri Bascetta is Director of Photography and Staff Photographer for SKI Magazine & Skiing Magazine, having worked in publishing for nearly a decade. Keri’s photo direction for the magazines has earned recognition by American Photography and the Society of Publication Designers. She has acted as a judge for PDN’s Great Outdoors Photo Contest and Arc’teryx Deep Winter Photo Challenge.

Nils Schlebusch
Nils Schlebusch is half French, half German and grew up in Spain. Skiing was his family’s passion, with most of Nils’ time as a kid spent skiing in Andorra and following his grandfather’s tracks. Twenty years ago, Nils moved to New York City to pursue a career in photography and during that time has shot travel, portraiture, action and lifestyle images for some of the world’s top publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, SKI Magazine and the New York Times. You can see most of his work at his website www.prestonschlebusch.com.


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