Authentic Adventures And Extraordinary Experiences

VAST 2015 catalog

If yours is the road less traveled, filled with authentic adventures that enrich, exhilarate, inspire, and transform, we have handpicked a collection of active and specialty travel providers who offer extraordinary experiences as diverse as the world itself.

On a Virtuoso Active and Specialty (VAST) adventure, you can tour Persia’s historical sites, golf the world’s championship courses, search for the Big Five on safari, zip line through the jungles of Costa Rica, visit Ethiopia’s great tribal lands, trek through the peaks of western Mongolia, cruise the magnificent Amazon river, experience the Canadian Arctic, ride the rails in exquisite comfort and more. Ask me about my recent zip line experience and swimming with wild dolphins in Mexico. Such a thrill!

Each exhilarating journey enriches your life and supports sustainable tourism, bringing meaning to your travel adventures.  Through the VAST program, your amazing vacation can also help make the world a better place, now, and for future generations, through the care each travel supplier gives to the environment, the protection of cultural and natural heritage, and the contribution to the well-being of the local communities you visit.

Only a Virtuoso travel advisor can be a VAST specialist, and only Virtuoso clients can be VAST travelers who enjoy Virtuoso exclusive perks, upgrades and access.

Experiental travel is great for family and multi-generational vacations and I can personalize the trip to each participant’s interests and comfort. Call me to make an appointment to discuss your plans.



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